Guaranteed Wins in Grand Jackpots at Gone Bingo This March

This March online bingo gets a more grand appeal with grand jackpots being played inside Gone Bingo’s gaming hall. All bingo players will have grand wins as the daily prizes exceed more than a thousand pounds. The hosts have rolled out 7 specials, one for each day of the week in March. The newly styled 80 Ball bingo room is glad to welcome all the bingo players. The timings of these special games, 80 Ball Grand Bingo is from 10AM to 9PM daily. Read more on the 7 specials to win guaranteed £31000 this month.

Guaranteed Wins in Grand Jackpots

Win More than £1000 Daily

Starting with Mighty Mondays, players get to play games with bigger pots and the prize start with £50. The Terrific Tuesdays give more every passing hour as they add £5 to the prize money all the way up to £100. Another treat on the next day is Wonderful Wednesdays where fixed pots are played and you win guaranteed £100. Till Thursdays when the hosts thrill you with Thrilling Thursdays games. Here the guaranteed prizes also rise as a tenner is added every hour, giving players cash up to £150. Friday is the day of coveralls. With Fantastic Fridays you miss out nothing. All the games are covered and assured £100 is covered in every £1000 game. Saturdays hosts variable games and prizes up to £500 in Super Saturdays. The scheme varies the pot size on every call and you win a surprise prize. Splendid Sundays offer more than you ask. Double prizes on every holiday this month. A special Sunday gift includes £50 and £100 prize games each hour.

A unique offer where you bag up to £31,000 and get yourself different gaming flavours every day. Go Play Grand Bingo to win.

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