Win Cash or Bonus Gifts in House of Bingo’s Valentine’s Bonus Rounds

Cuddly Bonus Round

House of Bingo spreads love as you play online bingo games here. The site is a full house of bingo goodies and freebies. On the Valentine’s occasion the hosts are ready to make sure that you have a delightful stay on the site. This is made sure by giving you lots of cash and bonuses to win all month long. Thus making your play in February count more than it used to. To enter the Cuddly Bonus Round you have to deposit £20 to your bingo account. This remains with you and more comes to you in the form of great cash or bonus, whatever you choose. So the site gives you a chance to win up to £2,000 cash or bonus every time your deposit. This makes deposit much more fun.

Cuddly Bonus Round

Another bonus feast comes along when you avail this offer. Get up to 400% bingo bonus from the House of Bingo on all the reloads. Thus your deposits are rewarded twice.

Win Guaranteed Giveaways Daily!

We know all the players love gadgets, now with House of Bingo invading mobile and tablets with mobile games you are all the more thirsty for owning the latest ones. Time to quench and own a new gadget daily in the guaranteed giveaway offer. Running throughout February this is more than a million dollar deal where you get Amazon vouchers, Google Nexus, Apple iPods to win each day by playing your favourite online bingo. Bag a new prize each day and play a game for it daily at 10PM. You can pre buy your cards and enter the games when the games for the gadget you adore is being played. Good Luck!

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